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FOLK is a consumer focused design agency, where we clearly understand the difference between “I like” & “I need”. Instead of making brands plainly beautiful we collaborate with our clients to serve consumer needs.


Design does not serve to make the world a more beautiful place. It is a process of solving problems. When we design, we seek creative and strategic ideas that rely on strong insight as a base of the brand that stands on its own. Instead of focusing on shapes and bias beauty, we think in concepts that creates connection between consumer needs and associate symbols that corresponds them.
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Our brain knows more than we do. Every experience we encounter is subconsciously associated with certain stimulus – a genuine purpose of effective packaging is to arouse the pleasant ones. For us, each font, colour, shape and object serves as a blend of associate symbols determining consumer’s relation to the particular brand or product. Instead of just attracting attention, our packaging meets consumer needs.
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Brand Experience

Consumers always have certain experiences related to products/services. Employing tools of experience design allows a business to anticipate, plan for, and deliver experiences that engage a customer in value-based relationship. We use this process to analyse the current situation, diagnose problems, convert negative experience to the pleasant, create new ones and enable users to share them with others.
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