Accordion Music Week

Accordion Music Week 2018
Event Branding

Accordion Music Week is an international celebration of all things accordion. For one week only, outstanding artists from around the world come together to create and perform groundbreaking contemporary and classical music, cutting through barriers with pioneering performance. The festival itself is an evolution of the accordion, so we were tasked to find a way of expressing that. Visually.


From the beginning it was obvious – no buttons or keys were allowed as that’s what you’ll find representing every accordion music festival in the world. So we decided to find out what is behind that very complicated and mechanical part of instrument. Surprisingly enough the answer was literally in the air, as instrument’s voice is created by the air that passed through it and the individual sound of each accordionist depends on the way they control it.


However, air comes and goes invisibly, so we needed to find a way to capture that movement visually. Light-emitting diodes were attached to Martynas’s, creative director of festival &  worldwide acclaimed musician, accordion, and long exposures used to create a ‘light drawing’ of the air that flowed as Martynas performed an expressive rendition of the Lithuanian folk song “The dawn is breaking”. Each time Martynas played the piece, it acquired a new and different visual form. In all, 10 versions of the dynamic logotype were created, which became the base for event’s visual identity.