Handwerk Dogs


It’s a hot dog brand that wanders around Lithuania whenever the sun is out. Handwerk got its name from Nathan Handwerker, the founder of Nathan’s Famous hot dog stand in New York. Opened by an Eastern European immigrant in 1916, last year the art of sausage making was reimported to Lithuania. All beef sausages, authentic hot dog styles, buns with no additives and bright coloring only on the cart itself.

As you may have noticed the name Handwerk also stands for being hand made. It literally means that in German. Thus the simple graphics in the logo: a sausage or a hot dog, as they call them in the US, being cut by a hand saw.

Nothing gourmet. Street food should never be. It’s just a lot of work put into a bun and dressed with the right toppings in the right order. Danke.