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Omnitel b2b

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Omnitel is one of the biggest telecommunications companies in Lithuania. Back in 2014-2015 its brand promise, based on the latest and most advanced technologies, was to “empower business clients to do and achieve more”. Omnitel was all about helping businesses to take an advantage of new opportunities.
As it is known, great promises require proper execution – that is where we came in. Omnitel asked us to identify main issues related to its own B2B customer service and come back with a solution – a new platform, which would not only ensure smoother client service, but would also communicate essential brand values.


First of all, we evaluated general context of the market and examined competitors in terms of how main telecommunications operators are responding to the inquiries of potential business clients. That led to the identification of problematic touch-points where Omnitel’s client service had to be dramatically improved. A qualitative analysis has shown that a significant potential was left unused – company’s communication had been taking place only with a very narrow circle of people, without getting into contact with the rest of B2B end users.


To create maximum positive user experience, we have created a consumer road-map with various possible scenarios and specific tools of managing them. From very first B2B customer inquiry, to generated greeting message on the occasion of joining the service, to the reminder of the unpaid bills – everything had to be designed for the service to run smoothly and to satisfy the needs of the client in a timely manner.


In order for the platform to fulfil the brand promise of empowering customer to achieve more, we have created a design system that has helped Omnitel to easily convey its advanced possibilities. In addition to providing basic information required by the user, they always got a chance to ask for MORE – with one easy click. Omnitel awarded its clients with the possibilities of tomorrow relatively to the information they previously looked for. Here is how asking for more became a tool of achieving more.


Also, instead of typical brown envelope and block of sim cards, folders were created that could vary in size dependently on how big is the client company.


Hardcover binder with magnetic cover would be provided for the big companies. Inside of it there would be a separate folder for each of the users with an essential personalised information on services and loyalty benefits.
Everything, from the bag to the card of the personal manager, communicates in the same way – unified visual language of Omnitel B2B.