Graphic design



Signato is a font constructed on the basis of the manuscript of the Act of Independence of Lithuania. It is a gift to all independent people celebrating the hundredth anniversary of the restoration of the State.


2018 is a significant year for Lithuania – 100 years ago, on February 16th, the small Baltic nation restored its independence. Unfortunately, in the turmoil of ensuing wars and Soviet occupation, the Independence Act was lost – and was only recently found in Germany archives. However, even though Germany lent the Act for the centennial celebration, it will eventually retrieve it.


In order to resolve this situation and to bring the Act back to Lithuanian people, we recreated the font used in the original Independence Restoration Act. The font is called Signato.


The main challenge that we faced was conveying the overall appearance of the handwriting, as the referenced document writing is quite disruptive, and some letters are written and merged in several ways. Creating several variations for both letters and numbers, a total of 450 symbols were created, so that the computer can simulate it as if a typeface was written by a person. Signato uses Latin, German and Lithuanian alphabet.


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